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Leading Experts in Cancer Research Nabeel El-Bardeesy and Razelle Kurzrock Join NED Biosystems’ Scientific Advisory Board

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CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Sept. 2, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — NED Biosystems, an innovative clinical-stage biotech company developing oral therapies for cancer and novel coronavirus, is pleased to announce that Nabeel El-Bardeesy, PhD and Razelle Kurzrock, MD have joined the Company’s Scientific Advisory Board. Both Dr. El-Bardeesy and Dr. Kurzrock bring a wealth of expertise as scientific and clinical leaders in cancer research and treatments.

Dr. El-Bardeesy is Associate Professor of Medicine at the Harvard Medical School and a leading authority on the causes of cancer. Dr. El-Bardeesy also serves as the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation Scientific and Medical Advisory Board Co-Chair. Dr. El-Bardeesy additionally is Assistant Professor at Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center and is an instructor at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Dr. El-Bardeesy is widely published on the molecular and cellular mechanisms that drive certain types of cancer.

Dr. Kurzrock is Professor of Medicine and Associate Director for Clinical Sciences at the University of San Diego Moore Cancer Center. She leads the Center’s clinical trial programs and heads its recently established Center for Personalized Cancer Therapy. Dr. Kurzrock’s distinguished track record includes leading one of the largest phase one clinical trial programs at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, where she spearheaded an innovative approach that utilized advanced molecular technologies to match patients with targeted cancer treatment that optimized the possibility for response.

“The addition of Dr. El-Bardeesy and Dr. Kurzrock to the Scientific Advisory Board further strengthens the resolve of NED’s mission to innovate safe, effective and transformative treatments for cancer and other life-threatening diseases such as Covid-19,” stated Rebecca Lambert, Founder and Executive Chair of NED Biosystems’ Board. “As we advance NED-170 clinical trials for cholangiocarcinoma, ovarian and triple negative breast cancer to establish the product’s safety and efficacy, we will rely heavily on the Scientific Advisory Board’s expert guidance and direction. They will also play an instrumental role in our efforts to launch clinical trials for NED-260, a potential treatment and prophylaxis for COVID-19.*”

NED-170 is a patented investigational cancer therapy that the Company believes is the first to address and affect four key processes that advance all late-stage cancers (Stages II-IV). The same four processes that drive advanced cancers are integral to the pathology of Covid-19.

“The implementation of comprehensive clinical trials is a vitally important step in determining the safety and effectiveness of the treatments for life threatening illnesses that we are innovating at NED Biosystems,” stated Geoffrey Ling, COL(ret) MD, PhD, Office of the CEO, and member of the Scientific Advisory Board and Board of Directors, NED Biosystems and member of the U.S. Government’s Covid-19 Task Force. “The deep expertise of our Scientific Advisory Board provides us with the confidence that we are following the proper methods and techniques to generate a valid set of trial results.”

“Dr. Kurzrock and Dr. El-Bardeesy will provide invaluable guidance on the clinical design and execution for our upcoming NED-170 trials, as well as input into the analysis of the results,” stated Brian Leyland-Jones, BS, MBBS, PhD, FRACP, FRACPC, NED Biosystems Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board. “We are excited to welcome them to the Scientific Advisory Board and look forward to their support of our clinical trial initiatives.”

About NED Biosystems™

Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, NED Biosystems is a clinical-stage biotech company developing innovative treatments unlike most available today. Beginning with a focus on patients and their families, NED seeks to dramatically improve patients’ outcomes with therapies that lack the toxicity and side effects of today’s treatments, allowing patients to retain a high quality of life. Due to ease of oral dosing and cost-effectiveness of the treatments, the company aims to provide revolutionary, efficacious treatment solutions to patients not only in the U.S. and other developed nations but also in economically challenged global regions.

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*NED-170 and NED-260 are pending approval by the FDA post clinical trials.