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NED-260 COVID is the Critical Missing Piece of the COVID-19 Therapy Puzzle

The novel coronavirus pandemic has gripped the world in a medical and economic crisis. As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we, at NED Biosystems, are working to seek approval for a safe, oral treatment/prophylaxis for populations globally. This new COVID-19 product may provide a double benefit to:

  • prevent disease progression for those afflicted, and
  • protect those who are exposed to COVID-19 from viral infection.

This new product could allow COVID-19 patients to recover safely at home and avoid hospitalization. For economically challenged global populations, NED-260 COVID requires no sophisticated infrastructure or cold chain management. 

Learn more about NED-260 COVID and the science behind this transformative new treatment.

Reimagining Treatments for Complex Disease

NED Biosystems™, a Delaware Public Benefit Corporation, has spent over 10 years reimagining treatment for cancer, culminating with the development of the patented NED-170 CANCER.

NED-170 CANCER is an investigational multi-faceted, combination, oral treatment designed to impact the major processes that drive cancer designed to improve outcomes with low toxicity. 

NED-170 CANCER’s treatment goal is to fit the large unmet need for ~50% of patients for whom there is no genetically sequenced “match” therapy options.

Today, NED is deploying its multi-faceted methodology to develop NED-260 COVID to combat COVID-19 and its variants.

NED-260 COVID’s treatment goal is to act early in the infection process to minimize, or eliminate, the advancement to severe disease, allowing fewer patients to be hospitalized, ideally allowing many patients to recover at home.

NED-260 COVID and NED-170 CANCER strive to lessen the impact of two of the deadliest diseases faced by humanity today.

Our Values

Our values are driven by the belief that everyone should have access to uncommon therapies regardless of age, race, economic status, or geographic location.

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