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NED Biosystems was founded to
allow patients to achieve and sustain 
No Evidence of Disease

Reimagining Treatments for Complex Disease

NED Biosystems™ was founded to develop safe, efficacious, and comprehensive “systems” treatments for complex disease, beginning with the development of the patented NED-170 for treatment of cancer. A systems-based approach to treat disease comprehensively targets the behavior of the entire biological system instead of a single component.

NED-170 takes a systems approach that combines repurposed, oral agents well-documented in humans to affect critical cancer driving processes at doses that lack customary toxicity and side effects.

When the pandemic hit NED deployed its systems methodology to develop NED-260 to be a universal antiviral treatment for existing infectious diseases and those not yet known.

NED-260 is designed to protect multiple pathways within patients’ cells from attack by a broad range of viruses. NED-260’s treatment goal is to act early in the infection process to minimize, or eliminate, the advancement to severe disease, ideally allowing many patients to recover at home.

NED-260 and NED-170 strive to lessen the impact of two of the deadliest diseases faced by humanity today.

Our Values

Our values are driven by the belief that everyone deserves access to safe, oral, effective therapies regardless of age, race, economic status, or geographic location.