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NED Biosystems™ is a clinical-stage biotech company developing innovative cancer treatments unlike current cancer treatments. We begin with a focus on patients and their families. NED seeks to dramatically improve cancer patients’ outcomes with therapies that lack the toxicity and side effects of today’s treatments, allowing patients a high quality of life.

NED is developing revolutionary oral combination cancer therapies that attack tumors on multiple fronts simultaneously to improve outcomes with low toxicity. This multi-pronged approach has proven effective in some of humanity’s most intractable diseases, from HIV/AIDS to diabetes. NED believes its multi-pronged therapeutic methodology will be relevant in the treatment of a wide range of cancers. Learn more about the science behind NED-170 here.

Because NED-170 is oral and appears to lack the customary toxicity and side effects of conventional anti-cancer treatments, it has the potential to improve outcomes for cancer patients around the globe. In the developed world, we believe that NED-170 will lead to healthier patients using fewer costly services to treat the side effects of today’s cancer treatments. In developing countries, we believe that our approach canfor the first timemake effective therapy possible for cancer patients who currently have few, if any, therapeutic options. Learn more about our commitment to making safe, well-tolerated, and effective therapies available to marginalized patients in developing nations here.

“I often forget that I am a cancer patient on [NED-170] therapy…I honestly believe I am leading the life of a healthy person.”

– breast carcinoma patient

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