In 2001, NED founder Rebecca Lambert’s sister was diagnosed with stage IV leiomyosarcoma (LMS). Rebecca’s sister was given less than one year to live and “not a pretty one”. This is how Rebecca’s journey began. Fueled by love, she became determined to develop a treatment that could reclaim time for her sister and her sister’s young son. The twin goals were more time, and time with full quality of life.

LMS is a particularly deadly cancer. Working with her sister’s clinician and leading cancer researchers throughout the country, Rebecca designed a multifaceted treatment approach. Rebecca and her team’s research focused on extensive literature review of studies demonstrating angiogenesis’ role in initiating and driving cancer. The team’s research also identified specific compounds reported to ameliorate disease related pathways. Angiogenesis research was pioneered by Harvard’s Dr. Judah Folkman who personally supported Rebecca’s efforts. Taking an extensive combination of available oral agents targeted at angiogenic and immune response pathways, her sister lived for nine (9) years. During this period, her sister’s disease was held in check, and she maintained a high quality of life until her final year.

Shortly before her sister’s death, Rebecca founded NED Biosystems™, Inc. NED-170 has its roots in this early research. This therapy has evolved into the clinical-stage combination therapy that NED Biosystems is developing today.

Rebecca’s sister and her son
(Reproduced by permission)