At the forefront of NED Biosystems’™ development of treatments for complex diseases is our focus on the patient experience. NED is committed to maintaining or improving a patient’s quality of life while fighting disease with oral treatments that can be taken at home. Each component is carefully selected for its ability to target the pathways integral to disease progression.

NED-260: A Potential Double Benefit Emerges

In this time of pandemic, NED is developing NED-260, for COVID-19 treatment and prevention. NED-260 is an oral investigational combination product that has the potential to:

  • Allow COVID-19 patients to receive quality treatment while remaining safely at home.
  • Curtail the disruption caused by COVID-19 by reducing recovery time so that patients may return more quickly to family life and work.
  • Reduce risk of infection for those frequently exposed to COVID-19.
  • Have widespread availability, regardless of access for underserved populations.

In addition to potentially accelerating patient recovery, NED-260 is aimed at protecting healthcare workers, first responders, and essential workers from being infected. NED believes it is vitally important to better protect those who work to save lives along with those who make our world thrive during this unprecedented time. NED-260 has the potential to make a difference by blocking and containing the virus as follows:

1. Virus infects the cell: The activated SARS-CoV-2 S protein binds to the ACE2 receptor on the cell surface, facilitating infection of the cell.

1. Virus infects the cell:

Viruses enter vulnerable cells in order to reproduce

2. Virus is blocked:

NED-260 may fortify cells, blocking the virus from entering

3. Virus is contained:

In cells already infected, NED-260 may promote breakdown and elimination of the infectious virus

“I feel confident with NED-170 that I am managing my cancer without surgery and without side effects”

–Prostate cancer patient on NED-170

NED-170: Fulfilling a Promise in Cancer

Five pathways NED-170 targets

NED’s comprehensive multi-pronged approach to treating disease began with the development of NED-170 for cancer. Using a well-tolerated, oral dosing regimen, we have observed the potential benefit and lack of severe side effects of NED-170 in pre-clinical studies and observational patients. NED-170 holds the promise to not only change long-term outcomes in numerous cancers, but also to radically improve the patient experience during treatment–a philosophy our founder has held ever since her sister’s own cancer diagnosis in 2001.

Cancer types represented in previous observational case studies include ovarian cancer, breast cancer, non-small cell lung cancer, leiomyosarcoma, head and neck cancer, gastric squamous, colon cancer, PEComa, prostate, and other cancer types.

American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)
Breakthrough Therapy peer-reviewed poster

Although NED Biosystems has not yet run a controlled clinical trial, NED-170 appears, to date, to be well-tolerated. Not one of the twenty-seven (27) observational patients reported any side effects that led them to stop the treatment nor required the typical supplemental care (e.g., transfusions, ER visits) common for most cancer patients when treated with chemotherapy or biologics. Given the observed safety, signals of drug activity, and improvements in quality of life, NED Biosystems believes NED-170 provides an opportunity to make a significant impact on the treatment of cancer, and intends to initiate its controlled clinical trial.

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“I don’t think I believe in miracles, but ‘this’ is about as close as it gets.”

– Breast cancer patient on NED-170