NED-170 CANCER: Transforming Treatment for Cancer

NED’s comprehensive multi-pronged approach to treating disease began with the development of NED-170 CANCER, an investigational treatment for cancer. Using a well-tolerated, oral dosing regimen, we have observed the potential benefit and lack of severe side effects of NED-170 CANCER in pre-clinical studies and observational patients. NED-170 CANCER holds the promise to not only change long-term outcomes in numerous cancers, but also to radically improve the patient experience during treatment–a philosophy our founder has held ever since her sister’s cancer diagnosis in 2001.

Cancer is a challenging therapeutic target. Therapies based on a single target or biological process typically have a limited efficacy window. Despite all the advancements with today’s “precision medicine” approach,  approximately 50% of all late-stage patients do not have the tumor defects addressed by the targeted “matched” drugs. To date, no multi-target therapy approaches have been designed for “unmatched” patients. High toxicity, along with low quality of life and limited survival, is still the experience for many advanced stage cancer patients today.

NED’s Solution: Treatment for “Unmatched” Patients

NED-170 CANCER, our lead therapeutic candidate, is designed to fit the large, unmet advanced-stage patient need. We believe multi-component therapies will transform advanced cancer (stages II-IV) into a chronic, manageable disease. We have observed the potential benefit and tolerability of NED-170 CANCER in a pre-clinical study, as well as in observational patients. NED-170 CANCER holds the promise of not only long-term outcomes in numerous cancers, but to also radically improve the patient experience during treatment.

NED-170 CANCER’s Biological Processes Multiple-Target Approach

NED selected well-studied pharmacologic agents to achieve broad spectrum coverage against major disease drivers in most cancers, regardless of genetic profile. NED-170 CANCER is designed to simultaneously target—and significantly affect— at least five processes characteristic of late-stage solid tumor cancers.

Continuous daily oral dosing of NED-170 CANCER has the potential to shut down cancer’s fuel supplies–angiogenesis (blood) and metabolism (glucose)–while simultaneously boosting the immune system, stimulating cancer cell death (apoptosis), and inhibiting cancer stem cells.

NED-170 CANCER’s Pre-Clinical and Observational Data

NED-170 CANCER has also been used by observational cancer patients. Although not a controlled clinical trial,  the observational data from the first twenty-seven (27) patients points to the potential use of NED-170 CANCER across a range of stages of disease and cancer types (including: ovarian cancer, breast cancer, non-small cell lung cancer, leiomyosarcoma, head and neck cancer, gastric squamous, colon cancer, PEComa, prostate, and others).

The data was presented at the 2019 ASCO Breakthrough Summit and demonstrated statistically significant tumor growth inhibition in an in-vivo preclinical study comparing NED-170 CANCER to standard of care cancer therapy. Given the observed safety, signals of drug activity, and improvements in quality of life, NED Biosystems believes there is an opportunity to make a significant impact on the treatment of cancer, and is prepared to initiate NED-170 CANCER’s controlled Phase 1b/2 clinical trial.

“NED-170 changed my dire situation. It strengthened my resolve and believe in winning with an integrated set of tools.”

–Pancreatic cancer patient on NED-170 CANCER

“I don’t think I believe in miracles, but ‘this’ is about as close as it gets.”

– Breast cancer patient on NED-170 CANCER

“I feel confident with NED-170 that I am managing my cancer without surgery and without side effects”

–Prostate cancer patient on NED-170 CANCER

An Unmet Global Need for Cancer Treatment

Cancer is a critical health problem in the U.S., where it is the second leading cause of death and accounts for about 600,000 deaths each year. Yet, the devastating impact of cancer is even worse for patients in economically challenged regions of the world where:

  • Cancer kills 50% more people in economically challenged countries than HIV, malaria, and TB combined.
  • Africa, Asia, Central and South America together account for 70% of the world’s cancer deaths.¹
  • 80% of cancer patients in Africa are diagnosed at advanced stages, with pain relief their only treatment.
  • In economically challenged regions, few cancer patients ever receive treatment because most of today’s cancer drugs require sophisticated medical infrastructure and require cold chain management (refrigeration) during shipping and storage.

NED-170 CANCER pledges to fill this unmet need in countries that lack access to treatment. NED-170 CANCER will not require infusion centers or other “traditional” cancer medical infrastructures. As part of our Public Benefit corporate mission, NED is committed to working with NGOs to supply NED-170 to patients globally who now lack treatment options.

¹World Health Organization